Quick Guide to Recovering/Resetting your HarvardKey Password

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Need to reset your HarvardKey password, or forgotten your password and need to recover your account? Simply follow the steps below.

1. Get Started

Visit https://key.harvard.edu and select the Recover/Reset Password link in the "Reset Password or Recover Login Name" box.  This link is also below the Login button on any HarvardKey login screen.

2. Provide Your Details

In the next screen, enter your Login Name (the email address that you use to log in to HarvardKey) and the recovery email address you provided when you claimed your HarvardKey. If you have more than one recovery email on file, you can enter either one of them. When you're done, click Continue.

3. Check Your Email

Once the system has successfully identified your account, you'll see a confirmation screen like the one below. If you don't receive confirmation, please email ithelp@harvard.edu or call 617-495-7777 for help.

Next, check the email account you provided as your recovery email for a message like the one below. It contains a confirmation code and a link that you'll need to use to reset your password. Please note that if you don't use the confirmation code within 10 minutes of requesting a password reset, it will become invalid and you'll need to request a password reset again.

4. Enter Your Confirmation Code

Copy the confirmation code from the email, and then click on the verification link (or type that address into your browser's address bar). You'll see a screen that looks like the one below. Paste the confirmation code into the box, and then click Continue.

5. Choose Your New Password

Now it's time to set your new password. Enter it in the "New Password" field illustrated below. Be sure to follow the rules listed in the box; green checkmarks will appear to confirm that you've met all the password requirements. You can use the same password you had previously. Confirm your password in the "Confirm Password" screen, and then click Submit.

Success! When you're done, you'll see a screen like the one below. You'll also receive an email at your recovery address confirming that your password has been reset. Now that you've reset your password, don’t forget to update your HarvardKey password in any password managers, apps that save your password, or other places where you may have your password stored. Forgetting to do this could result in your being locked out of your account, so be sure to visit the HarvardKey Claim Checklist and follow the instructions.

Need Help?

If you have any questions about claiming or using your HarvardKey, have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions on the HarvardKey help site. If you can’t find the answers to your questions there, or if you need one-on-one help, don’t hesitate to contact the HUIT Service Desk at ithelp@harvard.edu or 617-495-7777.