Policy Information

HarvardKey Credential Eligibility

Anyone with a Harvard University ID number (HUID) may request a HarvardKey, but even with a HarvardKey people may or may not have access to any particular application. HarvardKey provides an authentication service and authorization services based on group membership (using Grouper). Authorization (eligibility) to use an application is dependent upon the individual's status and affiliation within the University and with a particular application. 

Eligibility for Use of HarvardKey Authentication Services

Eligible applications must be in alignment with the mission of Harvard University.  All registrations with HarvardKey services are subject to review and approval  All applications -- academic, administrative, research -- are strongly advised to use HarvardKey authentication per Harvard University Security Policy.  Student-supported applications must obtain approval from the senior leadership of their school to register with HarvardKey.  The requirements per school vary and not all schools have established criteria at this time. Businesses or organizations that are not part of Harvard University may not use HarvardKey authentication services. 

All applications registering for use of HarvardKey authentication and authorization services are subject to an administrative review.  All application owners should familiarize themselves with HUIT's security policies

For additional information or questions, please contact iam_help@harvard.edu.

Last Updated:  February 8, 2021