Why am I required to log in only sometimes or for certain applications?

Whenever you log in, HarvardKey remembers who you are without the need for you to log in to every Harvard-secured website. By default, the system will remember you as long as you are still using the same “session” you used to originally log in to a Harvard-secured site (in other words, you have not quit and restarted your browser, or switched to using a different browser). Please note that while HarvardKey does not ask you to log in every time you access a secured site, those sites are still asking the system who you are, and the system uses your browser's “memory” to answer this question and authorize your access.

Quitting your browser tells the browser to “forget” you, thereby preventing anyone else who may use that same machine from logging in as you. For maximum security, you may also wish to actively log out from HarvardKey when you know you are done using Harvard-secured resources.

HarvardKey may ask you to log in again in scenarios such as the following:

  • You actively logged out, such as by clicking a “Logout” link or button within an application or by visiting the main HarvardKey logout page
  • It’s been a while since you’ve logged in
  • You are accessing a site that does not allow users to be remembered
See also: Single Sign-On