What additional steps can I take to improve account security?

Check out the Harvard Information Security guide to security awareness to learn more how you can keep yourself and Harvard more secure — and consider taking these two steps right away to make a big difference.

  • Use HarvardKey's two-step verification feature to set up your phone or device as way to verify your identity — making it harder for anyone but you to log in to your account. Learn how to set up two-step verification here.
  • Use a password manager — software that generates and stores passwords for you — so you can use different complex passwords for each of your accounts without having to remember them all. As a Harvard affiliate, you can get a free premium account for the LastPass password manager; visit http://security.harvard.edu/lastpass to learn more and download. (When using a password manager with HarvardKey, please remember that some members of the Harvard Community will have to type in their HarvardKey to log in to their computer, so randomly generated passwords may not be the best choice.) You can also learn more about best practices for passwords at http://security.harvard.edu/use-strong-passwords.