I logged in with my HarvardKey, but I still can't access the site I want.

Even if you see a message indicating that your login to a site is successful, but you still aren’t able to access the site, this could be due to several reasons:

  • The site itself may be “down” or experiencing technical difficulties. You can check for known outages in the HUIT Service Status Dashboard, or try checking again later.
  • Even though a site or application successfully accepts your credentials (known as authentication), if you’re not approved for access, it may not allow you to get to the materials you’re looking for (known as authorization). If you are not authorized for access to part or all of a particular application, it may display a message or other alert to let you know. If you feel that you should have access, try following any information that the message or alert provides, or contact the site’s administrator directly for help (please note that your primary IT help desk is usually unable to grant you access, since site authorization is determined by site owners).