How do I get my HarvardKey?

Over the autumn and winter of 2015-16, full HarvardKey functionality will be rolled out to users across the University Community. Visit the HarvardKey news page to see the latest updates to the rollout schedule.

As of December 3, 2015, users in FAS, Central Admin, GSE, GSD, HDS, HLS, HMS, HSDM, HSPH, and SEAS are eligible to claim and use a HarvardKey.

For Harvard Alumni, HarvardKey replaces your old alumni.harvard login name and password (as of September 22, 2015) for access to a variety of online features to help you connect with the Harvard community.

In the meantime, users who haven't yet claimed a HarvardKey can continue to log in at all HarvardKey login screens using their usual credentials simply by clicking the appropriate tab at the top of the screen.