Recovery Email

I forgot my login name or password and asked to have it sent to me, but never received an email.

If you request this information via the HarvardKey account management page, it is sent to the primary (and alternate, if you added one) recovery email address that you specified in your HarvardKey preferences. If you added two recovery addresses, be sure to check both addresses for this email. If you are no longer able to check your recovery email address(es), contact the HUIT Service Desk at 617.495.7777 or

Why can't I use a Harvard email as a recovery email address?

Using an official Harvard email as your HarvardKey recovery email address is prohibited because many users' official email is already in use as their login name — using the same email address as both login name and recovery email leads to a danger of losing access to your HarvardKey credential entirely if you are unable to access your Harvard email for some reason.