Login Name

I forgot my login name or password and asked to have it sent to me, but never received an email.

If you request this information via the HarvardKey account management page, it is sent to the primary (and alternate, if you added one) recovery email address that you specified in your HarvardKey preferences. If you added two recovery addresses, be sure to check both addresses for this email. If you are no longer able to check your recovery email address(es), contact the HUIT Service Desk at 617.495.7777 or ithelp@harvard.edu.

What is a login name?

Your login name is the email address that you use (in conjunction with your password) to log in to HarvardKey. For most Harvard faculty, staff, and students, your login name will be your official Harvard email address. Harvard Alumni and others without Harvard-managed email may choose a login name when claiming a HarvardKey. 

Can I change my login name?

You can change your login name by calling the HUIT Service Desk at 617.495.7777 or emailing ithelp@harvard.edu. Please note that if your login name is your official Harvard email, changes can only be made when they correspond to an official change of your name or School affiliation. (Changes to login names that are not official Harvard email addresses — i.e. for Alumni — do not have this requirement, but will still require you to contact the HUIT Service Desk.)

I received a notification that my login name is being changed. Why?

Under some rare circumstances, your login name may change to match a changing role for you at the University. Individuals who have a Harvard-managed email have to have a login name that matches their email account.  If you feel your login name was changed and should not have been, please contact the HUIT Service Desk.