What is a PIN/Password?

Within the context of Harvard's authentication system, "PIN" is sometimes used as another name for password. A password is a secret set of characters that you create to use in conjunction with your login ID in order to authenticate (log in) to access protected resources. When the correct password is entered for your specific, unique login ID, access is granted because the login ID and secret password are being presented together as a pair.

New user? Forget your password?

If you are a new user, or have forgotten your password, check below for a list of websites where you can learn how to register for a new account or reset/remember your password. The list is arranged by login type, but if you're not sure which login type you use or need, contact the main Help Desk at ithelp@harvard.edu.

Extension School or Summer School student?

Harvard Extension School and Summer School students have two sets of ID numbers and corresponding passwords; one is a Harvard University ID number (HUID) and the other is a DCE ID number that begins with the @ symbol. For more information about the two ID numbers and passwords, or how to look up your Harvard ID number, please see the DCE website.

Temporary or expired password? Need to update your account?

If you need to set a permanent password or update your password, check below for the appropriate website to match your login type. Note that if your password has expired, you will need to request a new one.