What is a Login ID?

Login ID? Login type? What's all this about?

A login ID is the unique identifier (such as a username or user number) that you have been issued by a particular system. Each of those systems represents a different login type, which means that if you have access to five different Harvard systems, each of those may have its own login type and issue you a separate login ID (with its associated password) specific to that system. However, more and more Harvard systems are moving to allow you to use other Harvard systems' login IDs to access their systems, meaning fewer usernames and passwords for you to remember. When a system allows for this choice, you'll be given the option to do so at the login screen.

When you log in to a resource protected by the Harvard Authentication System, you will be asked to choose from a list of one or more login types. If you only have one login type from that list, go ahead and choose that option, and enter your login ID and password associated with that type. If you have IDs and passwords associated with more than one login type, choose whichever login type you'd prefer to use. In either case, make sure that the correct login type is selected for the login ID that you intend to use. If you are having trouble logging in, it may be because you have selected the wrong login type.

Not all applications accept every login type, but depending on the application that you're trying to get in to, you may see one or more of the following login type options – check the list below for more information about common formats for the login IDs associated with those types. If you have questions about which login type to use, please email ithelp@harvard.edu.

  • Harvard University ID (HUID): Login ID is your Harvard University ID number (the first eight digits of the Harvard ID number on your plastic ID card). Extension and Summer School students, please note that the DCE ID beginning with ‘@’ is not the same as your Harvard ID number. For more information about DCE ID numbers and PINs, please see the DCE website.
  • XID: Login ID is usually your email address, but may also be a different value specified when your XID account was created.
  • Post.Harvard: Login ID is the same ID that you use on post.harvard.edu. (Alumni, HAA associates, and students can register for Post.Harvard login credentials.)
  • eCommons: Login ID is the same ID that Harvard Medical School affiliates use on ecommons.med.harvard.edu. 
  • FAS/Central Username: Login ID is either your Central Icemail/University AD ADID (usually three letters and three or four numbers, such as abs123) or your FAS usename.