Single Sign-On

Why are the other login types available on the HarvardKey login screen?

As Harvard University’s primary login credential, HarvardKey grants you access to the applications and services you use every day with a single login name and password. As more and more applications and services in the Harvard ecosystem adopt HarvardKey access, your HarvardKey will grant you access to a growing number of resources. However, you will sometimes see the option to log in using other types of credentials too. If you have a different Harvard credential type – eCommons or XID, for example - you can use those to log in to resources that offer those options.

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Why am I required to log in only sometimes or for certain applications?

Whenever you log in, HarvardKey remembers who you are without the need for you to log in to every Harvard-secured website. By default, the system will remember you as long as you are still using the same “session” you used to originally log in to a Harvard-secured site (in other words, you have not quit and restarted your browser, or switched to using a different browser).

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How can I ask HarvardKey not to "remember me"?

Because HarvardKey is a multi-site authorization system, once you have logged in to one HarvardKey-protected application using a given device or browser session, you will automatically be logged in to others. In addition, some applications and services will “remember” you for a period of time after you have logged in unless you actively sign out. To ask HarvardKey to “forget” you, sign out of your HarvardKey account at any time by clicking the logout button or link on a HarvardKey-protected site.

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How do I log out of HarvardKey?

You can sign out of your HarvardKey account at any time by clicking the logout button or link on a HarvardKey-protected site. Alternatively, you can also visit and choose the "Logout" link from the main menu.

Why can't I get into every application with my HarvardKey login name and password?

HarvardKey is in a tiered rollout to Harvard communities and applications, with an initial focus on the applications and services Harvard users access the most, such as Office 365 email, desktop access, web applications like PeopleSoft and ASPIRE, and more. If you can't use HarvardKey to access one of the applications or services you use, hopefully you won't have to wait long — we are adding new apps and services every day. In the meantime, simply continue to use the credentials you've used in the past.

Why won't my HarvardKey let me into the site I want to use?

Having a HarvardKey (or any of the other credential types listed on the HarvardKey login screen) does not automatically give you permission to access all Harvard resources. The academic or administrative groups responsible for those sites or applications manage who is allowed to have access. Sometimes license agreements limit who has access to a resource.

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