Login Types

Why is my HUID/password (PIN) login expiring?

The HUID/password (formerly known as PIN) login type no longer meets current Harvard IT security standards and will be retired over the fall of 2016. HUID/password users who have not yet claimed a HarvardKey are encouraged to do so as soon as possible, and will also be reminded by email in advance of their HUID/password credential expiring.

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What does HarvardKey get me in to?

You may use your HarvardKey for most applications and services at Harvard — including anywhere that you see the "gate" login screen — but some apps and services use other login types. You can see a list of what login type you should use for frequently used applications and services, itemized by School or unit, here.

Why are the other login types available on the HarvardKey login screen?

As Harvard University’s primary login credential, HarvardKey grants you access to the applications and services you use every day with a single login name and password. As more and more applications and services in the Harvard ecosystem adopt HarvardKey access, your HarvardKey will grant you access to a growing number of resources. However, you will sometimes see the option to log in using other types of credentials too. If you have a different Harvard credential type – eCommons or XID, for example - you can use those to log in to resources that offer those options.

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I have another login type from Harvard (like a HUID, eCommons ID, or XID). Are these going away?

If you have an eCommons ID or XID, you can still use those credentials at the HarvardKey login screen to access the apps and services you’ve used them for in the past. Simply select the tab at the top of the HarvardKey login screen corresponding to the type of login you’d like to use. However, after you've claimed your HarvardKey, it's quick and convenient to use your HarvardKey to get into those resources — and it doesn’t mean the extra click to get to the tab!

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I have a HUID, but after I claimed my HarvardKey, my HUID password doesn’t work. Why?

As part of Harvard’s “one identity for life” paradigm, your HarvardKey password automatically replaces your HUID password so you don’t have to remember extra credentials. While your HarvardKey login name and password will get you access to all the applications and resources as your HUID, if you ever need to log in to an app or service using your HUID as the login name, simply use the password associated with your HarvardKey.

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