General Questions

Why do I need to log in to access some Harvard resources?

Many online resources within the Harvard Community require verification of your identity before granting you access. By supplying a login name and matching password, you can verify, or authenticate, your identity. In order to reduce the number of credentials that you need to remember, HarvardKey acts as a unifying credential verifying your identity across Harvard without the need for multiple ID/password pairs.

What is HarvardKey?

HarvardKey is Harvard University’s unified credential for accessing a wealth of University applications and services with a single, convenient login name and password. In addition to enabling access to the Harvard applications and services you use every day, HarvardKey also offers an easy-to-use self-service portal for managing your account, including changing your password and updating your recovery information in case you forget your login details. HarvardKey also provides optional two-step verification to keep you even more secure.

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What does HarvardKey get me in to?

You may use your HarvardKey for most applications and services at Harvard — including anywhere that you see the "gate" login screen — but some apps and services use other login types. You can see a list of what login type you should use for frequently used applications and services, itemized by School or unit, here.

I tried to log in several times, but failed and am now locked out. Now what?

Harvard's authentication system will allow you to try again in two hours. However, if you enter an incorrect password again, you will be locked out for another two hours. Depending on circumstances, it may be faster and easier for you to request a new password; follow these links to request a new password for HarvardKey users and for users who log in using HUID.

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