Claiming Your HarvardKey

Why is my HUID/password (PIN) login expiring?

The HUID/password (formerly known as PIN) login type no longer meets current Harvard IT security standards and will be retired over the fall of 2016. HUID/password users who have not yet claimed a HarvardKey are encouraged to do so as soon as possible, and will also be reminded by email in advance of their HUID/password credential expiring.

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To what address was my HarvardKey claim confirmation code sent?

For Alumni, this is your preferred email address on record with the Harvard Alumni Association. For other Harvard users, this is the email address Harvard has on file for you.

For all users receiving an email with a HarvardKey claim confirmation code, look for a message from Harvard Identity & Access Management. It will have a subject line of Time-Sensitive: Complete Your HarvardKey Account Registration.

If you do not see the email it in your Inbox, please check your Spam/Junk/Clutter folder (depending on which mail client you use).

I have a HUID, but after I claimed my HarvardKey, my HUID password doesn’t work. Why?

As part of Harvard’s “one identity for life” paradigm, your HarvardKey password automatically replaces your HUID password so you don’t have to remember extra credentials. While your HarvardKey login name and password will get you access to all the applications and resources as your HUID, if you ever need to log in to an app or service using your HUID as the login name, simply use the password associated with your HarvardKey.

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